Canna Nation Strainbase Cinderella 99
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Cinderella 99
A product of: Brothers Grimm

  Strain Origin
Continent Origin: Europe
Biological Origin: Palearctic

  Strain Notes
This strain may be the "Holy Grail". The result of painstakingly backcrossing a VERY RARE female to her male progeny over 3 generations. This hybrid was specifically bred for indoor cultivation. Short-statured & heavily branched, this plant grows LONG, dense colas with an EXTREMELY high flower/leaf ratio and OUTRAGEOUS resin production. The breeder has observed a "giant leap" in potency with each progressive generation and, as expected, Cinderella 99 has topped all previous results - her high is heavily influenced by Haze; clear, energetic & devastatingly psychoactive. A plant with all of the above is rare enough, but Cinderella 99 finishes flowering after a scant 50 days of 12/12! Above-average yields of crystal covered buds reeking of tropical fruit aromas can be harvested every other month once a mother plant is selected and asexually propagated.
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 Other Reports
Pure's first c99 grow by: Pure
Smell Rating:4/5Palate Rating:4/5
Strain Strength:5 /5Overall Rating:4 Grams
Flower Time:60 DaysYeild:120 Grams
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